02. The Runelands

Song of Vol Sarkoth
Act One: Local Heroes

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As we begin setting up here, I'm gonna hand out a bit of homework if anyone's interested. 

Chris and Lisa, given your relative remoteness I think that until we get the telepresences up and running you might both be useful world-builders. Any interest?  

Backstory: Season Two
Everything Up To The Reboot

Vom, gettin' his Magic on. S2E01: Merchant Privateers

Just as season one ended with an embattled Makani making harbour in the Port of Stonegate, season two opens with the Makani fully restored in the wake of the fury of House Tiganog. The original Paladin armour, destroyed in a no-holds-barred duel with Delveranno, has been replaced with the newer version as a trophy. We discover that Magreathe adores Dwarf opera, and witness the formation of the Northwind Trading Company. 

S202: Gold Rush! 

We see that Paladin Stone has been designing a replacement helmet for his new suit of armour, claimed last season in his victory over Delverrano in a battle that consigned his original suit to the depths of a sunken tomb both laden with Arcanite and infested with kaiju seamonsters. 

Miss an episode, miss a lot. Anyway, the crew filters in from various pursuits, and we see that the Makani has not only survived her maiden season, she has thrived. Carmack's kitchen and Vom's space-saving innovations have made the Makani a comfortable home for the crew, and there's that vibe about the place. We join the crew at dinner, their first official meeting as an incorporated company under Republic law, to discuss potential business. It is revealed that the treacherous mountains of Eironheim are lately producing an inordinate number of ancient works of magic, substantiating the continuing rumour of the treasures lost there in the Dawn War.

Even still, a lucky run of treasure is one thing. A lucky run of treasure of that magnitude is another. And a lucky run of treasure like that bearing the mark of [[Runespeakers | Runespeaker Bax]] is unlikely enough to warrant investigation. 

To be continued. 

The Stormcutter Stories
Six-Guns and Sorcery in the High Skies.

Episode One: Northrune Shipworks

We are introduced to the brothers, the horrid little Dvalinn [[:carmack | Carmack]] and the tall, dark and handsome Feyborn [[:eldredd | Eldredd]], as they inherit Northrune Shipworks from their master-in-trade upon his retirement. A crusty old Dwarf, Irontoe's exile from the Republic of Stonegate has come to an end. Having trained his apprentices and seeing no need to spend the rest of his days in the wild lawlessness of the pirate capital of the North, he intends to return home.  It is an oddly-emotional moment for the old Dwarf, who has heretofore been a hard but fair master to the pair. It is also a brief one. Irontoe hands over his keys, shakes his apprentices' hands, and departs for Stonegate

For a moment, there is silence as they watch him go. Eldredd breaks the silence with, "Well, that's happened."  

Carmack, nodding silent agreement, folds his arms across his chest. He is deep in thought. There is another pregnant pause before he replies, "Yep. Now what?"

"I have a few ideas," says Eldredd, as he finds and lights a stogey.

Carmack flips the Open sign on the door and strolls over to his desk, with, "Me too. We'd better get started." 

And with that, there's a montage of scenes detailing the design, engineering, and construction process of the Makani's revolutionary Stormcutter engine. A lot of welding and grinding and forging and machining, with Carmack's ever-present tower of alchemical glassware bubbling in dozens of shades and consistencies, with all the smoke and hammering and clanging and the like you'd expect as the brothers first cannibalize existing junker engines then begin developing their own unique solution to the problems they encounter. There are explosions and steam leaks and all of the mad scrambling to avert disaster this sort of thing engenders, chalkboard debates where the dialogue is obscured by the theme music, and a few Benny Hill-style "I'm going to kill you, you little/elf-lookin bastard" chase scenes as this Mad Science continues, the final frenetic scene of which slows the action to display a mockup on the shop table (in miniature scale) and plans pinned to various drawing boards, displaying all of the eldritch qualities of an inscribed spellbook. 

Am I being vague? Perhaps this bears a bit more description; The drawings are piecemeal, like an odd-shaped jigsaw puzzle with irregular edges made of inconsistent media and held together with sticky-tack and tape, plastered across easels, windowpanes and drawing boards all around the shop. While they're together like this, the glyphs and notations glow and pulse, lines connecting sympathetically, the whole serving as an illustrated equation, building a complete picture. The room is lit by the sun high overhead, streaming in through the domed skylight which serves as a chimney for hot-work and ventilation in the milder summer months, and currently the room is awash in the brilliant white light of noon.  On the table,  the mockup is likewise built of myriad media but it is obviously incomplete, asymmetrical. It needs more work, but the design, ah, the design! at least, is finished. 

For a moment, there is silence as they watch their creation hover in three dimensions, an illusory projection on the smokes and vapours everpresent in their shop.  As Eldredd opens his mouth to speak, there is a noise from the front room; the door-bells chiming as commerce finds its way into Northrune Shipworks.  Carmack waves it off, heading toward the front room to deal with the business, as Eldredd makes a complicated gesture and the Design disassembles itself into its component parts, all hanging in air. Spreading his arms wide, Eldredd turns his hands over and brings his hands together in front of his belly, palms facing one another; as he does, the sheets assemble into a stack. With a whispered Word and a quick motion as of shuffling cards, he mixes the sheets as they slowly float toward him through the air, then catches them in a folio, which he then ties shut with an intricate knot in a magically-embroidered ribbon. This whole assembly is placed in a drawer in the worktable that vanishes from view when he closes it. 

Not a moment too soon, either; no sooner is this accomplished than Carmack flies back into the room, back-first, bouncing off of a shelving unit to land in a heap on the floor. A moment later, an Ogre squeezes uncomfortably through the doorway, stretching to his full height once through. Three others, two humans and a Dvalinn, enter behind him.  From his spot on the floor, Carmack is heard to remark, "Eldredd, the gentlemen from the bank would like a word." 



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