02. The Runelands

Backstory: Season Two

Everything Up To The Reboot

Vom, gettin' his Magic on. S2E01: Merchant Privateers

Just as season one ended with an embattled Makani making harbour in the Port of Stonegate, season two opens with the Makani fully restored in the wake of the fury of House Tiganog. The original Paladin armour, destroyed in a no-holds-barred duel with Delveranno, has been replaced with the newer version as a trophy. We discover that Magreathe adores Dwarf opera, and witness the formation of the Northwind Trading Company. 

S202: Gold Rush! 

We see that Paladin Stone has been designing a replacement helmet for his new suit of armour, claimed last season in his victory over Delverrano in a battle that consigned his original suit to the depths of a sunken tomb both laden with Arcanite and infested with kaiju seamonsters. 

Miss an episode, miss a lot. Anyway, the crew filters in from various pursuits, and we see that the Makani has not only survived her maiden season, she has thrived. Carmack's kitchen and Vom's space-saving innovations have made the Makani a comfortable home for the crew, and there's that vibe about the place. We join the crew at dinner, their first official meeting as an incorporated company under Republic law, to discuss potential business. It is revealed that the treacherous mountains of Eironheim are lately producing an inordinate number of ancient works of magic, substantiating the continuing rumour of the treasures lost there in the Dawn War.

Even still, a lucky run of treasure is one thing. A lucky run of treasure of that magnitude is another. And a lucky run of treasure like that bearing the mark of [[Runespeakers | Runespeaker Bax]] is unlikely enough to warrant investigation. 

To be continued. 


Runewise Runewise

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