Fate Core defines skills: 

A skill is a word that describes a broad family of competency at something—such as Athletics, Fight, or Deceive—which your character might have gained through innate talent, training, or years of trial and error. Skills are the basis for everything your character actually does in the game that involves challenge and chance (and dice).

Runelands uses an amended skill list, details on which can be found by following the links below.  Despite how it looks, there's not much new here.. most of these are re-skinnings of existing skills, but a few have been streamlined and expanded to fit the genre.  Since skills and stunts form the vast majority of the powers in Runelands games, you'd probably do well to give this section a good going-over.

The Runelands skills are:

BearingCombatCraft • Deduce • Discern • Education • Infamy • Marksman • Network • Prowl • Resolve • Standing • TravelVigor • Vim


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