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 This is a Runeverse setting, intended to be mostly rules-transparent so as to be used with multiple rulesets. Currently, it contains content for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, with campaign links available behind the D&D link to the left, and a modified Fate ruleset available behind the Fool card, to the right.  The Runelands Wiki, replete with information about the people and places of this epic and detailed setting, can be accessed behind the glyph icon at the top of the page. 

A Note on Content: 
In the grand old style of Roleplaying Games everywhere, this setting is as much homage to things that have gone before in my gaming career as it is my own twists on classic tropes. I'll admit to lifting things wholly from other games and an endless array of supplements digested over the years to produce my homebrew campaign settings. This is merely the latest iteration of the world I've been Dungeon Mastering in for the last 35 years, and not presented as wholly original work. Anything which might have been originally created by someone else is included here as an homage, not as a challenge to anyone's copyright. If you have issue with anything you see here, contact me and I'll take it down. 


02. The Runelands

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