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  1. Designing Magic 
  2. Expanded and Reskinned Skills


Hi, there. This is where I'll get all expositional on why I made the rules changes I did. Honestly, you probably won't read this, so it likely won't be too up-to-the-minute, but if you have questions, ask in the forums. 

Desigining Magic

Okay, so as you probably already know, I am not terribly fussed over having a lot of rules, preferring to keep the story primary in the game. Since Fate Core is such a story-driven game, and given the very flexible nature of the ruleset as presented, it didn't make a lot of sense to me to go restricting that overly when designing a magic system for my stories… to me, it's not a question of mechanic, but of vector. Do priests and wizards really need two separate mechanical systems to separate them? Isn't just faith vs. reason enough flavour as it is? And in the spirit of Clarke's third (and most famous) adage, that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, I kinda didn't think I needed a third system for all the mad steampunk science, either. So,   I read what the Fate Toolkit had to say about it, and thought about that flavour thing for a while. Here's what I came up with. 

Tone: Magic, like Karma, simply is. There is no magic that is inherently good or evil, no Light and Dark Side of the Force. Magic is at once a neutral, flavoured, and opinionated force, depending on the use it's put to and the Source it's drawn from. While mortal wizards and witches may master many magical techniques and spells, they must power their effects from a reservoir of Magic Points, which have to come from somewhere. 

Limits:  While it is definitely flexible and very useful, magic does not equal omnipotence. There are many things that magic cannot do. These are detailed elsewhere on this page

Availability: Although magic is a universally-present force in the Runelands, mastery of magic takes effort. Like any other good thing, Magic isn't free. To do magic, you've got to put some skin in the game. 

Cost: Stunts, Aspects, Skill Points, Refresh, Power

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Expanded and Reskinned Skills



House Rules

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