The Champion

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The Soldier serves through violence and war, with virtues of steel. The Soldier values cunning, bravery, and loyalty, but is perhaps a bit too easily led. Heroic stories of the Soldier tell of battles fought and won, but other stories put him on the other side from heroes for no reason other than blind adherence to an order.

Virtue: Discipline

Vice: Servitude

Domains: Combat, Marksman, Travel. 

Also Called: The Horseman, the Sword, the Warlord.

Blessings of the Soldier


Army on the Edge of My Blade: You take no penalty—and grant no bonus—for being outnumbered, no matter how preposterous the numbers.

Spears of Green Wood: You may train a body of troops—unnamed characters in a group of up to approximately 100—for a week and increase their Fight Skill by +1. You can repeat this multiple times, improving any given unit to a maximum of your Fight -2.


Only the Wind Beneath Us: So long as you maintain a good clip, any steed you ride may ride across water as if it were solid land, and may even ride across open air for a few hundred yards—after which the descent is akin to riding down a gentle slope.

Steady On: You fight and act without penalty while piloting a vehicle or guiding a mount. Any time you would take a physical consequence, you can opt for the conveyance to take it instead, using a similar consequence track to your character. If you are mounted, nothing can knock you off. 


To the Horizon: Anything you can see is effectively one zone from you when you shoot.

To the Stars: Any missile fired into the air can land any place you know or near anyone you can name. Messages and small items can be delivered in this fashion. This cannot be used to launch an attack directly, but if fired with ill intent, it is entirely possible to kill a horse or unnamed NPC nearby.

The Champion

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