The Mighty

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Halfdan the Black, Mighty god of the HaslantiMighty gods represent strength, whether by strong hands, an iron constitution, or indomitable will. 


Often depicted as an athletic figure with a sculpted physique displaying the strength most aesthetically relevant at the time, Mighty gods in a pantheon typically serve in a secondary role to another Divinity—often the Sovereign or the Seeker—acting in the service of greater discernment, as the God of Strength is typically not the wisest or most skilful of their pantheon.

Obvious mythological archetypes are Hercules, Thor, the Incredible Hulk, and Superman. 

Virtues: The Strongest One There Is.  

Vice: A Great and Terrible Wroth

Domains: Vim, Vigour, and Resolve.

Blessings of The Mighty


By Leaps and Bounds: Through a combination of speed, dexterity, and uncanny timing, you always have a path forward. In a static environment, this means that you are capable of crazy parkour-like movement to get almost anywhere that could be physically accessed. In a more fluid environment you are impossible to pin down or fence in, as you’ll always find the gap.

Stride the Earth: You run as fast as a horse, have a vertical jump equal to your own height, and can run for a day and night without stopping for rest—though you need to crash hard and eat a lot when you’re done.


Peasant's Palate: You can eat anything without harm. Not just foodstuffs—if you can chew and swallow it, or drink it, you can safely consume and even gain sustenance from it. You may casually ignore poisons, decay, shards of glass, and similar inconveniences. As a bonus, flavors are very distinctive and memorable to you, which allows for disgusting tricks like comparing the taste of blood samples to see if they’re from the same source, as well as more useful tricks like identifying a familiar poison.

Breaker of Chains: If you are restrained or shackled, you may break those bonds, so long as they are natural or manufactured. No door or lock may withstand more than a single blow from you. Barriers with no opening take longer, but you are effectively an entire sapping team with nothing more than fists and feet and anything else you can bring to bear.


The Courage of Conviction: So far as social skills are concerned, you do not exist. You cannot be swayed, befriended, intimidated, or otherwise moved. Your speech reveals nothing about you or the veracity of your words. For purposes of the Journeyman’s ability, your Infamy score is higher than the Worker’s Bearing.

Pillar of Resolve: You gain a -8 consequence to all of your consequence tracks, which recovers in the same way a -2 consequence does.

The Mighty

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