The Nine Worlds


Cosmological Workings:

Okay, so basically since I don't have a picture to hand and haven't been particularly successful at illustrating how the Runelands cosmology works I'm going to take a whack at describing it in case anyone needs to know.  It's a vast setting, too, and I'll never cover all of it, but it's going to become important for your characters at some point in the run of Stormcutter Stories, so here it goes. Ask me if you're unclear on anything. 

A Few Terms

Axis Mundi: We'll begin at the Axis, which stands at the centre of the cosmos and metaphysically exists as a pillar of magical energy extending through the centre of the Overworld, the Underworld, and the Chaos between them. In the Overworld, this is reflected as the World Tree, known by different names in each nation of that world, and as Mount Stygia in the Underworld. In the Chaos, it is simply known as Centrepoint.

The Heavens: Is a catchall for everything floating around out there in the Ether. It includes but is not limited to the celestial bodies and objects one normally finds around a world, such as moons and asteroids and the like.




The Nine Worlds

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