The Sovereign

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Invictus, First of the EminencesThe Sovereign is the leader of the pantheon, the ear that all would seek and the voice that all heed. In stories, he’s an advisor or leader more often than a hero, though tales abound of the Sovereign falling into the role of the wise traveller, teaching the communities he visits lessons they should have already known.

Often depicted as a wise elder of either gender or an animal of noble bearing, the Sovereign is also called by many suitably-respectful names, as fits the flavour of their native pantheon

Virtue: By Right and Due.

Vice: Manifest Destiny

Domains:  Bearing, Standing, Network

Blessings of the Sovereign


Crown of Authority: You are too terrifying to be attacked. Until you make a physical attack in a scene, characters with a Resolve lower than Good (+3) simply cannot attack you. Those with sufficient Resolve to attack still flinch on their first attack, though, automatically missing.

All Things in Their Place: You always know the power dynamic in the room, and you may insert yourself within it anywhere you desire. Use this with caution—while it impacts how people interact with you, it does not equate to actual authority, and placing yourself too highly—especially over people not used to being anything but top dog—can inspire an unpleasant response.


I Know A Guy: There is no place where you do not know someone, including places you have never been before. You will find a friend wherever you go.

Let Me Get Back To You: Once you begin a contacting effort, it becomes self-sustaining, as people you talk to talk to other people, who talk to others in turn. In effect, you will always get an answer; it is only a matter of time.


Rivers of Gold: Money is just a detail to you. Stripped naked and cast on a desert island, and you’ll be living in luxury in short order. Cast into prison, and you’ll be bribing guards in no time. No situation will restrict your access to your Standing skill.

War of Papers: You can take action against organizations through indirect measures. Effectively you can fight on the level of any organization smaller than a nation without the need to recruit allies or have any organization of your own. Yes, this means you can effectively “kill” a city, or even an army, given enough time.

The Sovereign

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